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Racing is the ultimate team sport. We wouldn't even make it to the track without the help of so many. We are very grateful to:

Sam Schmidt, Arrow McLaren SP 

Sam, thanks for 20 years of friendship and support. You inspire us in life, business, and racing.


Tony Ave, Ave Motorsport

Tony, thanks for your team's world class work. While we appreciate you as a championship winning race car constructor and driver, it's really all about your sense of humor.

Dennis Borem, Pro Motor Engines (PME)

Dennis, not many things are more important in racing than maximum reliable power. You guys are the best and a pleasure to work with.

Garth Ankeny, Trackside Motorsports

Garth, you are the man in the Pacific Northwest for racing tires. Thanks for all your help.


John Hayworth, Pro-System Brakes

Thanks for your help with all of our braking needs. You're the best.

RE Suspension

Great products and service for all of our suspension needs. Thank you.

Bryan Long, Hoerr Racing Products (HRP)

Bryan, you always seem to have every conceivable high quality part when needed and always execute with great service.

Don Kitch, ProFormance Racing School

Don, thanks for all your support, guidance and advice. You're a true pro.

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